DLH Announces New Executive Appointments

Jeanine Christian and Jacqueline Everett, DHL

Health care and human services provider DLH Holdings Corp. has announced executive leadership appointments effective July 13. Jeanine Christian joins as president of Social & Scientific Systems, or S3, and Jacqueline Everett has been appointed DLH chief growth officer.

As president of the company’s S3 operating unit, Christian succeeds Kevin Beverly and will lead operations focused on the public health and life sciences market. Everett will spearhead enterprisewide business development activities, establishing the vision, direction and strategy required to achieve the company’s growth objectives.

DLH President and CEO Zach Parker said he’s proud to announce these changes to the company’s leadership structure.

“Jeanine’s scientific expertise, customer relationships, effective leadership, and results-oriented approach to business make her a fantastic fit for DLH,” Parker said. “At the same time, Jackie Everett is recognized throughout our industry as an accomplished, dynamic leader. Her drive, motivation, and experience are expected to enable DLH to execute our strategic vision. I am pleased that both are joining us at this critical time in our growth trajectory.”

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