Top 25 Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020

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Kevin McNeill, CACI

Kevin McNeill, Senior Vice President of Cyberspace Solutions, CACI

Following CACI’s acquisition of LGS Innovations last year, Kevin McNeill helped lead the successful integration of LGS’ cyber research and development capabilities into CACI.

Additionally, CACI opened a new office in Port San Antonio, Texas, to further collaborate with the U.S. Air Force and other government customers in the region, and to provide research and development of full-spectrum cyberspace solutions. The integration of LGS and CACI has allowed CACI to further invest, ahead of customer needs, in new ways to apply these capabilities to deliver advanced solutions in 5G communications, artificial intelligence, distributed computer networking and more.

Before joining CACI during its acquisition of LGS, McNeill served as senior vice president of cyber solutions at LGS. Before LGS, he held various senior roles at BAE Systems, including technical director, solutions architect and vice president of engineering at BAE’s Intelligence and Security Sector. In both roles, he led research and development of multiple methodologies, technologies and knowledge skills.

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McNeill is leading efforts to differentiate CACI’s cyberspace solutions from those of competitors by highlighting the company’s synergetic expertise across a wide range of capabilities crucial to the delivery of solutions for cyberspace operations and information operations. These include 5G communications, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and cloud network security, among other areas.

“Our work spans from fundamental research to supporting mission operations, including a range of technology from handsets to desktops and network infrastructure,” McNeill said. “I’m proud that our highly skilled researchers and scientists continue to rapidly respond to emerging customer needs.”

CACI’s cyberspace solutions also focus on developing secure next-generation modeling and simulation products. For example, the high-fidelity LiveRAN solution, which provides hardware-in-the-loop capabilities to model and simulate 4G LTE and 5G protocols. McNeill is continuing to direct the addition of new features to this solution this year, addressing high demand for robust modeling and simulation technologies. LiveRAN also offers benefits to military training exercises, operational analyses and mission rehearsals.

“We will continue our research on the impact of 5G technologies across multiple domains, including methods to address network vulnerabilities for our customers,” McNeill said.

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