Top 25 Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020

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Katie Selbe, Alion

Katie Selbe, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cyber Network Solutions Group, Alion

In July 2019, Alion reorganized to establish the Cyber Network Solutions Group to exclusively focus on cyber and network solutions. Katie Selbe was tapped to lead that organization, given her track record of operational excellence and background in cyber and C5ISR domains. She now leads a diverse portfolio of programs and capabilities delivering full-spectrum cyber operations; big data analytics; cloud architecture; cross-domain network engineering, cyber hardening and operations; live, virtual and constructive training; and integrated artificial intelligence.

Selbe has been instrumental in aligning the Cyber Network Solutions Group for the future.

“Culture is foundational, and what motivates and retains talented people to drive business growth,” she said. “Culture enables the development of high-performing teams that leverage cross-organizational capabilities, and through a culture of diversity, to better challenge the status quo and deliver world-class results.”

Selbe’s team leads the largest, integrated and secure training environment across the Defense Department and developed a revolutionary massive-scale data fusion platform able to process petabytes of data at phenomenal speed.

Selbe’s teams engineer solutions and break barriers partnering with industry and military innovators to present solutions that can fuel and contribute to the military/business ecosystem. Her team has been a winner of the AFWERX Multi-Domain Operations Challenge presenting the Big Data Platform, a DOD-accredited DevSecOps platform used for cyberspace operations in commercial clouds on all classification environments.

Her team was also selected to present a mixed-reality wargaming system for the AFWERX Wargaming Challenge.

Why Watch:

Selbe has a wealth of industry knowledge in the cyber and intelligence sectors. She leads a portfolio of services, technologies and solutions that propel Alion forward. Her focus on customer requirements, program growth and strategy has uniquely positioned Alion in the cyber market.

Under Selbe’s leadership, the Cyber Network Solutions Group is creating a consolidated information warfare and joint all-domain offering that combines the cyber, big data/cloud and network capabilities of her group with Alion’s ISR and EW capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions to customers. To execute this organizational strategy, Selbe is focusing on creating strong collaborative teams that know the customer, business and technologies.

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  1. Yvette Kelley on

    She is amazing! And such a great role model for women! Thank you for capturing her talents so well!!!