Top 25 Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020

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Amanda Satterwhite, Novetta

Amanda Satterwhite, Vice President of Cyber Defense & Enablement, Novetta

Amanda Satterwhite leads a team in developing progressive and resilient tools and infrastructures in support of full-spectrum cyber missions. A software developer in her early career, Satterwhite has risen through the ranks of federal contracting, taking on increasing responsibility along the way. She has a history of delivering critical mission systems and leading strategic growth in both small and large businesses.

With a focus on continuous learning and passion for serving the defense and national security community, Satterwhite has built a culture that empowers her team of talented engineers and researchers to drive innovation and technical excellence in support of customer mission success.

Recently, Satterwhite led her division in successfully averaging 110% year-over-year revenue growth over the previous three years and winning four new prime contracts of over $900 million in total contract value.

Through staying attuned to the cyberthreat landscape and investing in research that provides the most impact to mission needs, Satterwhite’s division last year also successfully transitioned multiple proof of concepts by leveraging commercial cloud and machine learning technologies into advanced cyber capabilities for national security customers.

Strong culture and retention are major tenets of Novetta’s success, and Satterwhite’s division is proud to achieve a solid 96% retention rate today. Her team designed and engineered a “disconnected development” environment that allows for a secure but unclassified research and development network that supports the company’s  ability to recruit, employ and retain talent.

Why Watch:

Satterwhite is on a trajectory for another aggressive growth year that includes expansion and diversification of her team’s cyber research and development services into two new customer spaces. Her team is continuing to focus on several new internal research and development concepts, including advancing the intersection of vulnerability research and machine learning. The team’s research is accomplished through significant investment from Novetta through the creation of the Machine Learning Center of Excellence.

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  1. Yvette Kelley on

    She is amazing! And such a great role model for women! Thank you for capturing her talents so well!!!

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