Top 25 Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020

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Jennifer Walsmith, Northrop Grumman

Jennifer Walsmith, Sector Vice President and General Manager, Cyber and Intelligence Mission Solutions Division, Northrop Grumman’s Mission Systems Sector

Transitioning from nearly 30 years in the intelligence community to private industry, Jennifer Walsmith brings to Northrop Grumman Corp. an expert ability to build collaborative and agile teams as she is tasked with growing the cyber and intelligence mission solutions business portfolio.

Walsmith leverages her deep knowledge from her former U.S. government experience to guide a more than 2,300-person workforce, spread out across the nation from Maryland to California. Her team provides a critical cyberdefense platform to the Defense Intelligence Systems Agency for detecting and thwarting the 36 million cyberattacks the Defense Department faces every day.

Her team also serves as the leading system developer for the National Security Agency, the epicenter of the war in cybersecurity.

Why Watch:

With a focus on agility and operational success, Walsmith has been tapped to lead important capability development areas for Northrop Grumman, including the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning portfolio, cyber survivability capabilities and transformational computing offerings.

Her main focus in 2020 is to continue to grow her workforce and be the first in each of the core markets her business competes in.

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  1. Yvette Kelley on

    She is amazing! And such a great role model for women! Thank you for capturing her talents so well!!!

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