Top 25 Cyber Execs to Watch in 2020: ManTech’s Srini Iyer

Srini Iyer, ManTech International

As senior vice president and chief technology officer of ManTech’s Mission Solutions and Services Group, Srini Iyer said one of the many achievements he was proud to help lead in 2019 was the unit’s work on the Secured Tactical Edge Platform.

This platform provides the capability to deliver vital intelligence to warfighters at the tactical edge quickly, securely and reliably, giving warfighters the ability to run complex analytics at the edge where they typically operate in a delayed or disconnected, low bandwidth environment.

“By utilizing the zero trust model to prevent hostile forces from intercepting or interfering with the data, we are safeguarding troops while advancing mission performance,” Iyer said.

One very important strategic initiative in 2019 was the opening of ManTech’s Cyber Training Center in Orlando, Florida. This facility is the epicenter of the company’s work in Persistent Cyber Training Environment for the U.S. Army. The center uses open architectures, agile DevSecOps methodology and virtual software factories to automate development and deployment of systems and applications using microservices and containers, Iyer said.

“These applications are essential to training America’s next-generation cyberwarriors,” he added.

ManTech is a mission-focused company, and by bringing digital to the mission, it’s making warfighters and other federal customers more efficient. ManTech understands its unique role — more than 48% of its employees are veterans.

According to Iyer, one of ManTech’s key differentiators is its focus on teamwork and collaboration when it comes to testing, validating and deploying best-in-class solutions for its customers.

“We hire great talent with proven experience, and provide ongoing training and mentoring to keep them on top of their game and our company ahead of competitors,” he said. “We drive innovation through our work at ManTech Labs, where we explore and develop exciting new technologies.” And using communities of practice, ManTech has practitioners dedicated to solving customers’ toughest problems.

Why Watch:

ManTech’s 2020 focus is “Bringing Digital to the Mission” in everything it does, with a sense of urgency.

The company automates and accelerates offense-informed cyber, digital engineering, workload interoperability in a multicloud environment, advanced warfighting capabilities, securing weapons platform and applying sophisticated analytics in ways — some of them surprising — that help secure the nation during the global pandemic.

“When you read of known coronavirus carriers stopped while trying to plane-hop illegally between different nations, that is ManTech analytics at work,” he added.

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