Maxar Snags $20M NGA Change Detection and Land Cover Classification Contracts

Tony Frazier, Maxar

Tony Frazier, Maxar

Earth intelligence and space technology company Maxar Technologies has signed $20 million in contracts with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to deliver land cover classification and change detection services.

Under the contracts, which are through the Janus Geography program and the General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70, Maxar will produce updates and enhancements using its change detection model and deliver land cover and classification solutions in support of NGA’s needs.

Automated change detection visually exposes areas of important change, allowing for quick and effective intelligence gathering across thousands of images from multiple sources. Land cover classification provides a global view of the current landscape by applying machine learning to perform automated spectral, spatial and temporal classification. This provides a better understanding of how specific regions of Earth are being used on a micro scale.

The Janus Geography program gives near real-time and cost-effective access to commercially created geospatial data, enriched content and community-sourced information.

A prime contractor, Maxar delivers content management of topographic and human geography data from a variety of sources. Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations Tony Frazier said the company is constantly evolving its analytic capabilities and GEOINT solutions to empower customers to more quickly ingest intelligence for various defense and intelligence missions.

“We are proud to be a prime contractor on NGA’s Janus Geography program, demonstrating how industry can deliver innovative solutions that satisfy NGA’s unique needs,” he added. “As an industry leader in the geospatial community, Maxar has provided world-class commercial GEOINT solutions to NGA since 1999.”

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