Top 25 Execs to Watch in 2020

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Jonathan Moneymaker, Altamira

Jonathan Moneymaker, AEgis Technologies Group

Jonathan Moneymaker, CEO, AEgis Technologies Group

Appointed as CEO in October 2019, Jonathan Moneymaker has taken the lead of Arlington Capital’s newest national security-focused platform’s foundational company AEgis Technologies Group. It operates at the heart of the nation’s most critical mission areas of space superiority, electronic warfare and cyber operations, directed energy, missile defense and intelligence operations.

“My vision for the AEgis Platform is focused on us ‘Leading the Transformation of Modern Warfare,’” Moneymaker said.

As the U.S. national security posture flexes to a more near-peer threat from its counterterrorism focus of late, the investments of Arlington Capital Partners with Moneymaker’s vision are targeted to be squarely positioned to lead the way.

“We pride ourselves in earning a seat at the table with our customers and working to solve their most challenging problems,” Moneymaker said. “We differentiate ourselves by serving as our customers’ most trusted partners and being known for delivering mission success.”

Why Watch:

2019 was a transformational year for Moneymaker leading Altamira Technologies through its transaction to ClearSky Capital, then joining forces with the Arlington Capital powerhouse as it seeks to build its largest national security platform out of its latest $1.7 billion fund.

To achieve his vision, Moneymaker draws on his career anchored at the intersection of delivering on critical mission needs, advancing technological advantage and driving business results alongside building out and aligning market leading teams designed for transformational change. Moneymaker has held executive roles from Fortune 50 to entrepreneurial startups and has directly served the national security and defense communities.

“2019 was an incredible year from being able to lead one amazing organization across its finish line, then partner with ACP to architect and build what we expect to be the No. 1 platform in our market,” Moneymaker said.

He added the AEgis team is “truly special,” working to deliver on missions that impact the course of the nation every day.

“And we are just getting started building,” he said. “With franchise positions through our community’s highest-priority and fastest-growing mission areas and the some of the brightest minds, we’re well positioned to lead the much-needed transformation of our customers and deliver future solutions never yet conceived.”

Moneymaker and his team have big plans for the platform and the resources to move at the speed for AEgis mission partners.

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