Top 25 Execs to Watch in 2020: ASRC Federal’s Jennifer Felix

Jennifer Felix, ASRC Federal

Joining ASRC Federal in November as the chief operating officer was a major 2019 highlight for Jennifer Felix. The company has a “tremendous depth and breadth” of capabilities and a long history of success helping federal customers achieve their missions, she said. But it’s the people who differentiates it from the rest.

Specifically, “the knowledge, experience, expertise and commitment of our employees who are working to solve the government’s most complex challenges,” Felix said.

Hiring and retaining top talent is critical, and the company’s ownership structure offers a unique supportive culture that provides greater stability to its customers and employees in a market where consolidation continues to be prevalent, she said.

Plus, ASRC Federal stays at the forefront of technological development, especially in artificial intelligence and machine learning. For instance, it supports a customer with a 7,000-sensor satellite-based system for which it would typically take five engineers three days to identify sensor performance anomalies.

“We were able to deploy our AI/ML tool kit to detect the same anomalies in just 2 minutes,” Felix said. “In addition, by applying DevSecOps agile development practices to weapons system software development, we have significantly reduced secure application updates deployment times.”

Why Watch:

In 2020, Felix will zero in on ensuring ASRC Federal has the right operational alignment and tools across the organization, so its program teams can focus their time and energy on the missions of customers.

“I will also be focused on achieving the growth objectives we have set as a team in order to continue providing support to our unique group of shareholders and offering new opportunities to employees,” she added.

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