Perspecta Labs Demo Ground-to-Aircraft Data Comms over Commercial LTE Cell Network

Petros Mouchtaris, Perspecta Labs

Perspecta Inc.’s research arm Perspecta Labs has demonstrated long-distance, high-bandwidth data streaming between a test aircraft and a fourth-generation long-term evolution ground network.

The test was done at Edwards Air Force Base as part of the Pentagon’s Cellular Range Telemetry Network program in collaboration with the Defense Department Test Resource Management Center.

Perspecta Labs won the CeRTN contract in October 2016 and was tasked with developing a system that uses commercial cellular technology for aeronautical mobile telemetry applications at DOD Major Range and Test Facility Bases.

Perspecta Labs’ Velocite enables use of low-cost commercial off-the-shelf LTE cellular technology to deliver high-bandwidth data communications at supersonic aircraft speeds. By combining intelligent LTE network design with groundbreaking innovations, Velocite delivers high-bandwidth data communications for aircraft at speeds of 1,000 kph and above.

“Perspecta Labs’ Velocite solution offers considerable savings in cost, time and resources for critical applications in flight testing, training and operations,” said Petros Mouchtaris, president of Perspecta Labs. “We are excited to mature this technology from laboratory testing through successful field demonstrations and to deliver these substantial benefits to our customers.”

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