Pete Pflugrath Picked to Head LMI’s Logistics Service Line

Photo of Pete Pflugrath

Pete Pflugrath, LMI

LMI has announced Pete Pflugrath will lead its Logistics service line, an organization focused on supply chain management, maintenance and operational logistics, acquisition and lifecycle management, and infrastructure, energy and environment.

“Pete is a leader who understands that it is not only what you attain but how you reach your goals that matters,” said David Zolet, president and CEO of LMI. 

The Logistics service line focuses on identifying and developing scientific solutions to drive measurable improvements in supply chain and enterprise implementation. As vice president, Pflugrath will continue to enhance and expand the current umbrella of offerings within the logistics group.

LMI’s recent strategic investments in the space, including the acquisition of Clockwork Solutions and the partnership with The Climate Service, further enable the organization to provide innovative solutions to the ever-evolving needs of government.

Established in 1961, LMI works to improve the business of government in the areas of advanced analytics, digital services, logistics, and management advisory services. Prior to his new role, Pflugrath served as LMI’s vice president of business development for the defense market.

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