2019 Top 10 Small and Emerging CEOs to Watch

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Hany Malik, President and CEO, Suntiva

Hany Malik, Suntiva

Hany Malik, Suntiva

Suntiva built up a strong head of the steam in 2019, with a range of new initiatives and corporate achievements.

The company launched a proprietary solution called the Adoption Accelerator, which represents the culmination of nearly 20 years of combined IT and workforce transformation experience. Suntiva also had major wins, including a $100 million blanket purchase agreement with the Food and Drug Administration for large workforce transformation initiatives, and two contract awards supporting major DOD cloud and artificial intelligence initiatives.

Dr. Hany Malik said Suntiva aims to be the business transformation company of choice, delivering innovative solutions with exceptional results.

“This came directly out of my own professional experience and passion for improving the performance of organizations through people, process and technology in significant, measurable, and sustainable ways,” he said.

Malik said it was his unique background in business and psychology that led him to combine the latest technological innovations with applied behavioral science. The idea grew out of Malik’s early experience, when he and an accomplished group of IT professionals witnessed several large IT initiatives at previous organizations fail, not because of a flaw in the technology, but because of poor organizational adoption. Change management added to IT projects, while valuable, was not enough.

“Implementing traditional change management practices alone did not drive to full IT adoption,” he said. “Our unique understanding is that sustainable technology adoption requires change management integrated with a deep knowledge of how people and organizations work.”

Suntiva’s team of technologists, change and project management specialists, and behavioral scientists evolved this concept over time into the Adoption Accelerator platform, which is now used successfully by government clients and partners to implement major technology and workforce transformation initiatives.

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Malik said the advancements in both IT and applied behavioral science — modernization, cloud, AI, RPA, change management, and the physiology and psychology of change — have significantly bolstered Suntiva’s core offerings and solutions, and are integrated into Suntiva’s transformation framework.

“In 2020, we will be focused on supporting clients and partners as they implement IT modernization and transformation strategies, helping them get the most from their employees through innovative technology and human capital planning practices,” he said.

“At Suntiva, we all feel passionate and committed to enabling success in our government, everyone for their own personal reasons,” Malik added. “For me, as a first-generation immigrant, I have a deep sense of gratitude for being fully embraced and given every opportunity to succeed in this country. The work we do supporting government leaders every day gives me and other Suntivans a profound sense of meaning and purpose.”

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