NCI Snags $270M DISA Joint Service Provider Contract

Paul Dillahay, NCI

NCI Information Systems, Inc. has been awarded a 4-year, $269.9 million prime contract with the Washington Headquarters Services to provide IT support to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Joint Service Provider.

Under the JSP IT Support Services – Service Delivery contract, NCI will implement the technologies and industry best practices needed to simplify operations, improve efficiencies and help JSP manage the Defense Department’s enterprise IT infrastructure.

“We will implement new and innovative technologies, including our NCI Shai framework, to reduce administrative burden, automate repetitive tasks and share knowledge across the enterprise that will enable our team to deliver unparalleled support to JSP customers,” said Paul A. Dillahay, president and CEO of NCI.

NCI will perform work at various locations in the Washington, D.C., region, including the Pentagon, the Washington Headquarters Services’ Mark Center and Crystal City, Virginia.

“With NCI’s Shai, our team now has digital teammates working for them — and JSP will benefit from one of the first federal AI-enabled service desk capabilities,” Dillahay added. “Our team of highly-trained and motivated professional personnel, combined with AI-powered tools, will shift employees’ time and efforts from low-value to high-value work, allowing the JSP organization to focus on solving the most pressing, mission‑critical challenges they face.”

And if all options are exercised and total contract value is reached, this will be the NCI’s largest award in the past 10 years.

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