SAIC to Build Demonstrator ARV for Navy

Jim Scanlon, SAIC

The Navy has contracted Science Applications International Corp. to build a demonstrator armored reconnaissance vehicle that will leverage advanced technologies that allow it to sense, shoot, move and communicate.

The contract with the Office of Naval Research and Marine Corps is for up to $20.5 million, and SAIC is slated to deliver the vehicle by October 2020.

“This state-of-the-art ground vehicle development program leverages our strengths and aligns well with our current strategy,” said Jim Scanlon, executive vice president and general manager of SAIC’s Defense Systems Group. “As a technology integrator with expertise and capabilities in leveraging open architecture and advanced technologies, SAIC is ready to deliver the best options for the Marine Corps’ requirements on this new reconnaissance combat vehicle.”

The vehicle will be self-healing with cybersecure power and information distribution architectures, have an integrated unmanned aerial vehicle capability, and leverage robotics and artificial intelligence. SAIC’s advanced technology demonstrator will be designed to push the envelope in terms of combat capabilities, company leaders said.

The vehicle will also have “robust cross-country and water mobility,” according to a release, and the ability to fire both electronically and through cyber means. It will also have the ability to drive by wire.

“In short, it will show the full spectrum of possible, 5th generation/21st-Century warfighting survivability and capability,” officials said.

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