RIDGE-LANE Expands Team, Adds Donna Morea as Venture Partner of IT

Donna Morea

Venture development firm RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners has expanded its team to include 24 managing partners and venture partners, including former CGI President Donna Morea and Energy Department Chief Technology Officer Pete Tseronis.

“The collective knowledge and networks of these distinguished leaders is uniquely valuable,” said R. Brad Lane, CEO of RIDGE-LANE LP, “especially as the fourth industrial revolution accelerates, where the speed and scale of innovation is having profound effects on how our society evolves. We have the privilege of leading a private sector effort, focused on improving quality of life for humans, communities, and governments, globally.”

The partners are: 

Girish Varma, former president of global IT managed services and newmarket development at CenturyLink, is now managing partner of IT 

Ziggy Liaqat, former global chief operations officer at Pearson, is now managing partner of education

Jetta Wong, former director of technology transitions at the Energy Department, is now sustainability partner

Stuart Macmillan, sustainability partner, and former chief scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

John MacWilliams, venture partner, and previous associate deputy secretary of the Energy Department

Charles Myers, venture partner, capital markets, and former vice chairman of Evercore Partners.

Kim Stevenson, venture partner, IT, and  former senior vice president and chief information officer at Lenovo

Jim DuBois, venture partner, IT, and  former corporate vice president and CIO at Microsoft Corp. 

Aamir Hussain, venture partner, IT, and  former executive VP and chief technology officer for CenturyLink

Donna Morea, venture partner, IT, and  former president of CGI Technologies and Solutions

Armando Olivera,  venture partner, sustainability, and  former CEO of  Florida Power  & Light Co. 

Reuben Sarkar,  venture partner, sustainability, and former deputy assistant secretary of transportation for the Energy Department

Victor Mendez,  venture partner, sustainability, and  former  deputy transportation secretary

Ian Monroe,  venture partner, sustainability, and founder of Etho Capital

John Moavenzadeh,  venture partner, sustainability, and former head of mobility and member of the Management Committee at World Economic Forum

Peter Tseronis,  venture partner, sustainability, and former CTO for the Energy Department

Daniel Hamburger,  venture partner, education, and former CEO of Renaissance Learning

Judah Karkowsky,  venture partner, education, and current SVP of corporate development and global head of M&A at Cengage 

Stephen Guttentag, venture partner, education, and former president of  Pearson Online  & Blended Learning K–12

Terry Grier, venture partner, education, and former superintendent of Houston Independent School District

Pam Moran,  venture partner, education, and former superintendent of  Albemarle County  Public Schools

Tom Kambouras,  venture partner, education, and  former CTO of New York City Department of Education 

Deborah Karcher,  venture partner, education, and  former CIO of Miami-Dade County Public Schools 

Lenny Schad,  venture partner, education, and former CIO of Houston Independent School District 

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