1. Theresa L. Thai on

    Mr. Sumeet Shrivastava, president and CEO of Array Information Technology is AWESOME, his personality is TOP NOTCH, his professional demeanor is UNPARALLELED. I had worked for this company years back and have had the solid experience of knowing this great hard working man. Unlike most CEOs (who think of themselves as some grand and unapproachable “King” behind their own little comfort zone or elite office) Sumeet is totaly the opposite. He treats EVERYONE equally and his open door policy earned him much respect and admiration from his staff….for being a “man for all men” when it comes to any work issue/problem resolution on any level. He left me with an everlasting good impression of being a respected employee whose work recognition did not get swept under a rug, I counted as a valuable asset to the company and not as a “pawn” to be moved or knocked around on a chessboard like what most companies did/do. I wish that they had won more contracts which would have kept me onboard and continuously working until I decided to retire! Anyhow this is my two cents in hoping for the best for him!!!

  2. Theresa L. Thai on

    Mr. Sumeet Shrivastava, president and CEO of Array Information Technology is also a very candid Boss toward his employees, and toward the world of government contracting, he isan honest contractor guru too!

    Sure there are tons of companies with bragging rights but they may not be as reliable as they should be and defraud the government, so it’s not just personality that matters, it’s the professional “Know-How” to run a defense contracting business with total honesty (like not overcharging the US Government or anyone else and paying their employees fairly). I must say this without any reservation as I totally vouch for him as the “Perfect CEO, Perfect Big Boss” who can run a difficult business well in a fiercesomely competitive government contracting world like an experienced Captain at the helm (of a big fighting cruiser ship) knowing how to navigate on a choppy sea constantly stirred by the turbulent waters!

  3. Sumeet has been an exceptional GovCon Guru for small business owners like me . A valuable , trusted professional who has helped me navigate the fed space as smoothly as possible.
    I have not had the opportunity to work with Array yet but he has been there through many a difficult decision despite his busy schedule.
    He respects hard work and encourages you to prod on. As a small business owner, you cannot afford a wrong step, nor waste a valuable moment. This is a huge blessing to have him in your corner. I thank him immensely for his support and wish him the very best!

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