Booz Allen, Hypergiant Industries Partner to Advance, Deliver AI Solutions

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Booz Allen Hamilton and artificial intelligence company Hypergiant Industries are joining forces to speed up the adoption of AI solutions for government and industry through a strategic partnership.

Hypergiant Industries will couple its work in machine learning, AI and emerging technology with Booz Allen’s experience as an AI integrator for the U.S. government and public sector clients. The goal: to bring new AI solutions and advanced analytics that help organizations foster the power of technology.

“While AI holds significant opportunity, organizations often struggle to effectively implement the technology in a way that delivers real, repeatable value,” said Josh Sullivan, a Booz Allen senior vice president and leader of the firm’s Analytics and AI business. “Our work with Hypergiant aims to help bring AI out of the lab faster, empowering organizations to deliver explainable and transparent outcomes.”

The strategic partnership includes teaming on government contracts to deploy AI solutions at scale, change how organizations reach missions and modernize government operations. Plus, the two companies will explore the idea of repurposing their intellectual property to find how AI can best be used to deliver impact in the emergency room, to catch fraudsters, to predict fake domains and to spot new malware.

“We plan to work together to help transform the public sector by automating tasks and helping clients adopt innovative machine learning solutions to, for example, improve health outcomes for Americans,” Sullivan said. “Booz Allen and Hypergiant will also explore ways to speed AI adoption by identifying models from Booz Allen’s vast experience deploying AI, uncovering opportunities to repurpose and create immediate impact.”

Hypergiant Industries also has experience applying its technological skill set to challenges in cybersecurity, financial services, climate change and health care.

“Booz Allen Hamilton has the kind of reach, scale, and knowledge that we get excited about,” said Hypergiant Industries CEO Ben Lamm. “They also have a shared mission to help organizations and people change the world. Together, we will be able to leverage great technology and enable groundbreaking ideas, all in service to making substantial improvements to the world’s biggest problems. Together, we can create immense change and impact.”

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