Save the Date: STEAM Summer Camp, Aug. 5

2018 Open Data STEAM summer camp participants.

Starting next month, high-school students in the Washington, D.C., metro area have the opportunity to attend a tuition-free summer camp that focuses on using open data related to science, technology, engineering, agriculture and math.

The 2-week-long USDA STEAM Summer Camp is organized by the Agriculture Department’s Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vulcan Enterprises. It runs from Aug. 5-16 and is held on the George Washington University campus.

Participants will be using data for decision-making in USDA’s work with food, water, forestry and urban agriculture. Students will work with quantitative and qualitative data and use fundamental graphical principles to present their project-related findings. 

Faculty will provide students with guidance on how to use data to answer questions, on the difficulties of gathering data via interviews and surveys, and on the best techniques to present arguments based on data. As part of this process, all students will work with Excel, Tableau, Illustrator and ESRI’s Collector application for creating GIS maps. 

For more information and to apply for the camp, click here. The application deadline is July 26.

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