AT&T Adds PrestoTech to FirstNet Dealer Program

Stacy Schwartz, AT&T Government Solutions

Stacy Schwartz, AT&T

PrestoTech Solutions has joined AT&T’s FirstNet Dealer Program, which allows the company to sell First Responder Network Authority services to public-safety customers. 

“The FirstNet Dealer Program provides another avenue to get first responders the solutions they need to keep their communities safe,” said Mike Rice, vice president of mobility solutions for PrestoTech. “We’re proud to help accelerate and promote the adoption of FirstNet.”

FirstNet is a nationwide communications platform dedicated to America’s first responders and public safety community. It’s being developed with AT&T as part of a public-private partnership with the FirstNet Authority.

When this new technology is implemented, first responders will be able to connect with the important information they need. 

“Enabling PrestoTech to equip first responders with FirstNet service is a great way to meet public safety where they are,” said Stacy Schwartz, vice president of AT&T public safety & FirstNet. “AT&T’s FirstNet Dealer Program makes it easy for public safety agencies to work with the solution providers they know and trust – like PrestoTech – to sign up for FirstNet service.”

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