Army Selects VT MAK for $95M Training Simulations Deal

Dan Brockway, VT MAK

VT MAK has been selected to develop and deliver simulated training services to the U.S. Army under a $95 million contract.

“Every technical advancement in our past dozen years has brought MAK to this achievement — where we are able to offer our capabilities and architecture that precisely meet the needs of the U.S. Army’s ambitious STE Common Synthetic Environment,” said Dan Brockway, vice president of marketing and information systems for VT MAK.

VT MAK, a VT Systems company, will provide 2D and 3D training tools using its full MAK Suite of simulation software. VR-Forces provides a unified simulation engine for both computer-generated forces and player-controlled entities. VR-Engage offers the virtual player and trainee interfaces to the simulation. The VR-Forces GUI is the foundation of the Training Management Tool to support scenario authoring, control and assessment.

The VR-Vantage visualization engine powers 3D rendering as well as 2D tactical maps, ensuring consistent displays throughout the system. All components also use the common MAK Earth terrain engine to import, load, or stream whole-earth terrain data from VR-TheWorld Server, which acts as the interface to STE’s OneWorldTerrain dataset. The full MAK CSE solution will be deployed on premise and in the cloud.

“As chairman of the board, I have watched VT MAK’s software products mature and grow in capability for 12 years,” said retired Army Gen. John H. Tilelli Jr. “I appreciate the trust that the Army’s Futures Command has placed in VT MAK by making this award. Our goal is to provide soldiers tools that will make them more capable.”

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