Top 10 DOD Execs to Watch: Jeff Bohling, Perspecta

Jeff Bohling portrait

Jeff Bohling

Last year, Jeff Bohling’s biggest achievement was the creation of Perspecta’s Defense Group. As the new company was being established last June, executives had to merge complex organizations and cultures while continuing to deliver to customers and grow the business.

“There were a lot of moving parts, and I’m proud of how we’ve come together in such a short period of time, with an unwavering common commitment to the Department of Defense customer and mission,” said Bohling, who serves as senior vice president and general manager of the Defense Group.

Perspecta stands apart from the competition in large part because of its innovative solutions that support the Defense Department mission, Bohling said. The company brings applied research and innovation from Perspecta Labs and incorporates it into defense customers’ operational missions. The labs develops cutting-edge technology and innovative projects for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, “so to be able to take that research and apply it directly to a boots-on-the-ground mission allows us to offer something very unique to the customer,” Bohling said.

Recently, Perspecta has gained more traction in the cybersecurity arena. Through advanced intellectual property and by working together with Perspecta Labs, the company has been able to gain an edge on its competition and win new business, Bohling said.

Why Watch:

Perspecta has several focus areas this year, but for Bohling, the Pentagon’s plans to stand up a new Space Force brings the most excitement.

“This will cause a tremendous amount of change and advancement in the space arena, which is an area we have a great deal of expertise and experience,” he said. “We’re more than ready to bring our knowledge and subject matter expertise to that mission.”

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