Top 10 DOD Execs to Watch in 2019

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Karen Dahut

Karen Dahut, Global Defense Group Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton achieved record growth last year as it continued to serve the Defense Department, military services and leading defense agencies. Its business has shifted even deeper into fields such as technology, engineering, cyber and mission-essential areas. The company is developing cutting-edge solutions with artificial intelligence, cyber and immersive experience to help its clients modernize their forces and empower U.S. warfighters.

“Of course, our people are the reason we are successful,” Dahut said. “As a U.S. Navy veteran, I’m especially proud that our firm was once again named a ‘Best for Vets’ workplace by Military Times.”

As a technology translator, the company bridges the gap between traditional manufacturers that build static or stove-piped platforms and more timble technology companies with little understanding of mission, security and operational requirements, Dahut said.

“It’s a unique position to occupy in the defense space, and our ability to bridge that gap makes us a critical partner in helping our clients innovate across all the warfighting domains,” she added.

Booz Allen teams are working at the tactical edge, developing and implementing immersive training using virtual and augmented reality so warfighters can experience real-world operational conditions, environments and scenarios to prepare them to face real threats. Cyber solutions, both offensive and defensive, continue to be critical to the DOD mission and Booz Allen is working to address the full spectrum of emerging threats.

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Dahut said Booz Allen is finding new ways to support its clients on their innovation journey, especially accelerating technology insertion and adoption in national defense missions.

“On a continuum of support from acquisition program management to strategic consulting and technology transformation to architecture, engineering and solutions, we are driving closer to the center where we can provide the most value,” she said.

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