Salient CRGT Launches Innovative Victim Notification App

Left to right: Investigators Ren Henderson and Ryan Dickert, with victim advocate Connie Johnson and COPS Deputy Sherri Scott.

Salient CRGT has unveiled its latest custom smartphone app, the Victim Notification Form, which provides secure and efficient electronic communication between law enforcement agencies and crime victims.

The app is the latest addition to Salient CRGT’s Voyager Platform product line and was recently launched in Newberry, South Carolina — the nation’s first use of the app by both a sheriff’s department and crime victims.

The electronic notification system will improve the way crime victims are communicated with and treated by law enforcement. The system is used by law enforcement officials to gather victim’s contact information, share victim rights information, test and/or email the victim to alert them of continuing case details, arrests made in the case, bond hearings and court details.

In addition, the system will help officers complete electronic forms quicker, ensuring the information on the form is legible. The system also allows jails to quickly notify the victim to call the detention center or notify the victim about any release of the inmate for court hearings, which will make court function better and keep deputies and officers attending to patrol and other law enforcement functions.

If the victim speaks Spanish and may not speak and/or read English fluently, the deputy can simply tap a button to translate the form and have the victim’s information sent to them in Spanish.

Salient CRGT is currently making the app available to other law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

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