Integrity Applications Launches New Brand Centauri

Dave Dzaran, Centauri

Integrity Applications Inc. has combined with Xebec Global and Dependable Global Solutions to form new company Centauri, which will focus on cutting-edge space, cyber, defense and intelligence solutions.

This three-company integration will position Centauri as a prime contractor in the national security arena with new capabilities to deliver solutions to intelligence community and Defense Department customers. Plus, Integrity Applications brings 20 years of technology-focused experience in the national security community to Centauri.

The new brand, which is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, specializes in software, system engineering and integration, and combines expertise in space, cyber and intelligence to government customers.

“By combining with two other leading companies, we have a unique opportunity to leverage all of our greatest strengths to continue to focus on a broad set of mission needs,” said Centauri CEO Dave Dzaran, formerly president and CEO at Integrity Applications. “With IAI’s expertise in complex engineering, Xebec’s deep understanding of security threats and IAI and DGS’ strong cybersecurity talent, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be able to more fully address the scope of our customer needs as one company: Centauri.”

Centauri will conduct research and development initiatives dedicated to designing next-gen defensive technologies related to space to ensure threats are detected, analyzed and mitigated. And its cyber capabilities include forensic, diagnostic and preventative solutions.

In terms of intelligence, Centauri will deliver services related to tasking, collecting, processing, exploitation and dissemination of intelligence information.

“As we partner with even more government customers and other entities, we are going to continue to accomplish incredible things with great optimism and excitement,” Dzaran said.

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