Orolia Buys Skydel Solutions, Expanding Services into Canada

Jean-Yves Courtois, Orolia

Positioning, navigation and timing solutions company Orolia has acquired Canada-based Skydel Solutions, adding advanced GPS technology to its services portfolio.

The March 27 announcement came during the Association of the U.S. Army’s Global Force Exhibition in Huntsville, Alabama. A global navigation satellite system and GPS signal simulation company, Skydel combines innovative algorithms with off-the-shelf hardware to protect critical systems that rely on GNSS and operate through global navigation satellite networks like GPS.

Skydel’s technology also supports secure communications signals that provide reliable positioning, navigation and timing vulnerability testing for infrastructure applications.

More specifically, Skydel uses graphics processing unit accelerated computing and software-defined radios to simulate solutions that yield real-time signals, and are available as completed systems for all GNSS-simulated needs.

Adding Skydel’s capabilities allows Orolia to provide a more diverse set of resilient positioning, navigation and timing solutions with advanced testing and simulation protocols, customized signals and vulnerability assessments for military and commercial applications, according to Orolia.

And the need for reliable GNSS signals is only growing globally, especially for military and commercial systems that rely on aaccurate positioning, navigation and timing data.

“The threats to these systems are growing too, whether it’s through signal jamming, spoofing or meaconing,” Orolia CEO Jean-Yves Courtois said. “With Skydel’s unique industry expertise, Orolia now offers even more rigorous, broad spectrum testing and simulation solutions to ensure continuous signals, even in GNSS denied environments.”

Skydel was stood up in 2014, and its CEO Stéphane Hamel said this strategic move allows the company to continue to focus on innovation and global outreach.

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