Excella Awarded Analytics Deal to Help USCIS Identify Fraud

Dave Neumann, a partner with Excella Consulting

Dave Neumann, Excella

Excella has won a $49.5 million contract to support the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service’s fraud detection unit.

The Risk and Fraud Analytics and Development, Security and Operations project is a 3-year engagement that will leverage advance data and analytics, agile and DevSecOps to identify and mitigate immigration fraud, Excella said.

“Excella is proud and excited for this opportunity to provide Agile analytics tools to USCIS’s RFAD program,” said Dave Neumann, partner at Excella. “This is a significant step forward for Excella and our partnership with DHS to enhance USCIS data capacity across the board, helping the agency better meet its mission and serve its millions of customers. This is a terrific opportunity to expand our work to create modern digital experiences with great federal partners like DHS.”

Under the contract, Excella will provide the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate with data science expertise, along with machine learning algorithms, natural language processing and DevSecOps processes to support RFAD. In addition, the company will provide data analytics capacity and the ability to perform fraud detection, monitoring and compliance, and fix data.

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