Parsons Snaps Up OGSystems

Carey Smith, Parsons

Carey Smith, Parsons

Defense contractor Parsons has acquired OGSystems, a provider of geospatial intelligence, big data analytics and threat mitigation, making it Parsons’ third acquisition in the past 14 months.

OGSystems’ main defense and intelligence customers include the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office and the Special Operations Command. Bringing OGSystems’ disruptive technologies to Parsons is “a game changer,” said Parsons Chairman and CEO Chuck Harrington.

The acquisition will grow Parsons’ position in markets such as space operations, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and beyond, said Carey Smith, Parsons chief operating officer.

“Parsons’ existing artificial intelligence and cloud computing expertise will augment OGSystems’ support for customers demanding more efficiency in analyzing overwhelming volumes of geographic imagery and data,” she added.

Parsons’ customers include numerous Defense Department organizations, the Energy Department, the Maryland Procurement Office and other intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure owners and operators worldwide.

Bob Kipps, managing director of KippsDeSanto & Co, congratulated both companies on the acquisition.

“We expect 2019 (like 2018) to be a very active year for the high-quality intelligence-oriented technology solutions firms like OG,” he added.

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