Cyber Experts Bob Gourley, Matt Devost Launch Consulting Firm OODA

Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley

Long-time cybersecurity thought leader Bob Gourley and security expert and entrepreneur Matt Devost have launched a new consulting firm, providing the full range of cybersecurity services, including the verification of artificial intelligence capabilities.

The new firm, OODA LLC, offers cybersecurity services, data analytics, red teaming, and compliance reviews, as well as new capabilities for providing external verification and validation of AI capabilities.

Matt Devost

Matt Devost

The firm’s name comes from the famous fighter-pilot strategy created by Air Force Col. John Boyd. OODA stands for “Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.”

Gourley says the decision-making model is also applicable in business and other areas where continuous action in dynamic environments is needed.

“Most of my career has been associated with continuous action in dynamic environments, and I’ve long been a fan of Boyd’s OODA loop,” Gourley told WashingtonExec. “But there have been few greater champions of this approach than Matt Devost. He has applied this model to build multiple successful firms, which have generated great value to his clients and the nation.”

Overall, the firm offers serves in three lines of business.

Security: Risk assessment, building action plans for mitigating risk, including dynamic red teaming and advanced training.

Opportunity: Due diligence assessments, strategic consulting and market engagement, including helping firms accelerate into hard-to-penetrate markets.

Technology: Technology evaluations, market assessments and virtual chief technology officer/chief information officer/chief information security officer services

This isn’t the first time Gourley and Devost have teamed up. The two men previously collaborated in helping found the Cyber Conflict Studies Association nonprofit to advance the cause of academic rigor in cyber warfare studies. They also created and launched the FedCyber conference series to share best practices and lessons learned in the cybersecurity field.

Both, which is published by Gourley, and, which is run by Devost, will continue to operate.

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