2019’s Top 25 Execs to Watch: Richard Y. Pineda, SPEAR Inc.

Richard Pineda, Spear

Richard Pineda, Spear

The union between CALIBRE and SPEAR, Inc., was one of CALIBRE’s major achievements for 2018. Separately, the two organizations provided complementary management consulting and IT solutions.

“Combined, the two are ‘better together’ and support our federal and commercial clients’ missions through digital transformation,” SPEAR CEO Richard Pineda said. “SPEAR’s IT modernization, cybersecurity, and data analytics offerings coupled with CALIBRE’s long-standing client base transcends scaled synergy growth, wherein 1+1 equals 3.”

The company successfully delivered on three tenets of its business: “Sustain, Leverage and Grow.” Winning recompetes, architecting solutions based on lessons learned, and pursuing new opportunities that accomplish client mission and drive enterprise value completes the holy trinity of CALIBRE’s modus operandi.

Why Watch:

“For 2018 and 2019, we will remain committed to developing solutions that improve digital transformation,” Pineda said. “Data gathering, data analytics, visualization and storage enable our clients to access their data faster and glean actionable, yet secure, insights.”

With the President’s Management Agenda directing agencies to increase spending on Best-In-Class contracts, CALIBRE will seek to shape, pursue and deliver on specific BIC vehicles. In parallel, it’s actively seeking to on-ramp, acquire, and/or win target BIC contracts wherein its potential clients will release desired work.

Unlocking the synergy of the CALIBRE/SPEAR acquisition to transcend the middle-market tier will be a key focus area in 2019. The Defense Department, health care and intelligence markets are all key areas for growth, supported by CALIBRE’s investment of resources in technology.

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