2018 Pinnacle Awards: EA of the Year LGS Innovations’ Linda Jones


Just how essential is Linda Jones, executive administrator, at LGS Innovations? Without her work, over 900 meetings with the CEO wouldn’t get scheduled. Briefing books filled with 1,000 pages of charts, graph, statistics and other data wouldn’t make it into the hands of the company’s 15-member board of directors.

“She is invaluable to the success of our company,” an executive at the company says of Jones.

Jones was recognized with the Executive Assistant of the Year award as part of the inaugural 2018 Pinnacle Awards, which recognize leaders and influencers in the GovCon space.

Jones single-handedly manages scheduling, travel planning, expense reporting and other administrative support for six C-level executives at the firm.

Jones also compiles and distributes all of the data shared with the board of directors — which totals over 1,000 pages of detailed statistics, graphs and charts.

In addition, Jones manages the leadership retreat each year, choosing the location, negotiating the services, booking speakers and carrying out several other essential functions.

The 2018 Pinnacle Awards, which honor leaders and influencers in the GovCon space, were presented by WashingtonExec on Nov. 1.

Winners were named from list of 50 finalists across 13 categories. In the Executive Assistant of the Year category, five EAs from public companies and five EAs from private companies were named winners.

See the full list of winners.

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