SAIC Picks up 3 IT Modernization Contract Awards for USDA Centers

Sanjay Sardar, VP, Analytics and Simulation at SAIC

Sanjay Sardar, SAIC

SAIC has picked up three contract awards from the General Services Administration to support the IT modernization Centers of Excellence at the Agriculture Department.

Under the deal, SAIC was awarded contracts covering data analytics capacity building; data visualization and analytics; and infrastructure optimization and cloud adoption.

“I am very excited about working to ensure the success of the COEs. IT modernization is at the forefront of our customers’ minds,” said Sanjay Sardar, SAIC vice president for modernization and digital transformation. “By focusing on the technologies in concert with modern acquisition practices, financial management models, training and organizational change, we will help our customers to lower maintenance costs, adopt new applicable technologies, secure systems, and exceed the needs of the mission. SAIC looks forward to our continued support in this critical program.”

The three contracts include:

  • Data Analytics Capacity Building: A single-award task order to provide program management, data science, organizational change management, and training support to enhance the way the entire department works together and thinks about, manages, and leverages insights from their data.
  • Data Visualization and Analytics: A single-award blanket purchase agreement with firm-fixed-price task orders to provide professional services to develop and deploy advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities within USDA’s mission areas.
  • Infrastructure Optimization Cloud Adoption: A multiple-award blanket purchase agreement to support DevSecOps transformation. Additionally, work includes the migration of more than 800 applications and data center consolidation.

Beginning with USDA, each COE tackles distinct tasks, beginning with an assessment and planning phase that results in the development of a roadmap for the successful implementation of managing centralized, function-specific talent, solutions, and acquisition vehicles. They also provide for documented and scalable best practices that are designed to be rapidly adopted by other agencies throughout the government.

As part of GSA’s efforts to speed governmentwide IT modernization plan, the Centers of Excellence provide agencies with consulting, acquisition and IT engineering services.

“We have been innovators in government IT for 50 years. By managing the chaos of disruptive technologies, we can successfully implement IT modernization for USDA and other agencies,” said John Walsh, SAIC senior vice president and general manager of the IT Solutions Market Segment. “We look forward to continued performance success and delivery of services that connect modern IT with their mission to deliver better results for their customers.”


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