Octo Consulting Picked for $25M Defense Health Agency Contract

Jay Shah, Octo Consulting

Octo Consulting Group has been selected for a new multiyear contract by the Defense Health Agency to provide IT support services to the agency’s research-and-development arm studying traumatic brain injuries.

Under the $25 million contract, Octo will lead a full-service IT project focused on developing and standardizing new processes for DHA’s R&D Directorate for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury.

As part of the work, Octo will provide support services including program management, cybersecurity, and infrastructure management, as well as desktop and end user services, information management, and web services and enterprise IT service tasks.

“The Octo team is excited to leverage our expertise across the full range of our services to support DHA’s R&D Directorate in their vitally important mission,” said Jay Shah, executive vice president at Octo. “Our talented team will work with DHA’s R&D Directorate staff to institute Agile software development, unique prioritization techniques, and proven program management methods to improve their information distribution, modernize their system, and simultaneously reduce costs.”

Octo will support two of the DHA R&D Directorate’s congressionally designated centers of excellence: the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center and the Psychological Health Center of Excellence.

“As an integrated entity, DHA’s R&D Directorate and DHA have the ability to support and implement a large IT portfolio of tools and shared services that contribute to their mutual agency-level and mission-related goals,” said Octo CEO Mehul Sanghani. “This aligns perfectly with the skillset of Octo personnel across the entire IT landscape, from Agile software development to infrastructure modernization to cyber. This program is a unique opportunity for Octo to showcase the breadth and depth of its capabilities. We are honored to support the mission needs of DHA and DHA’s R&D Directorate, and we look forward to supporting their modernization outcomes.”

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