Top 10 Execs To Watch in National Security for the National Capital Region

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Todd Morris, Attain LLC

Todd Morris, Attain

Todd Morris is managing director for national security at Attain LLC, where he supports the Justice Department, the U.S. intelligence community and elements of DHS. With 27-plus years delivering IT and professional services focused on counterterrorism, counterintelligence and law enforcement, Morris has also previously served as vice president and business area director for homeland security at CSRA Inc., now GDIT.

Morris is also a board member of the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council.

Why watch: Morris’ background working with homeland security, Special Operations Command, the Defense Intelligence Agency, DOJ and state and local law enforcement organizations uniquely positions him to continue his two-plus years of leadership in building Attain’s national security presence.

Over the next year, look for Morris to play a key role in Attain’s work with TSA, including the implementation of Splunk as part of TSA’s threat-hunting initiative. He will also be involved in DISA’s adoption of secure web services and cloud migration and efforts around bringing Attain’s capabilities to the FBI and others in the intelligence community.

“During the last 10 years, I have done a lot of work with the bureau and have a good understanding of the landscape,” Morris said. “Attain is a great fit for the FBI, and we are working hard to deliver IT services to the bureau. Its $5 billion follow-on to the current Information Technology Supplies and Support Services contract is under development, so obviously, we are very much focused on that important vehicle for mission-focused IT services and application development.”

Morris is also active on the policy side of government contracting and works to connect consulting and government stakeholders through activities like HSDBC’s “reverse industry days” in which an audience of government procurement and IT professionals listen to a panel of contractors to learn how federal consulting companies and system integrators really work.

“The council also sponsors two- to three-day executive tours a couple of times a year during which we get outside of the Beltway and take business executives and their teams to meet and interact with ongoing law enforcement and homeland security operations,” Morris said.

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