Top 10 Health Care Leaders To Watch

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Melissa Chapman, Salient CRGT

Melissa Chapman, VP, Health IT Business Development, Salient CRGT

Melissa Chapman brings a great deal of government technology experience to the health care field, having been chief information officer for both the Health and Human Services Department and the Food and Drug Administration. It was during her time at HHS she established the National Federal Health Architecture, a 26-agency partnership that established a shared, unified enterprise architecture across all health mission processes and technical reference models. In Chapman’s current position, she uses her government expertise to help improve health data integration and automated workflow in support of federal health research, regulatory oversight and point of care.

 Why Watch:

Chapman is driving Salient CRGT’s Innovation Centers to continue to evaluate and pilot a broad range of analytics solutions and techniques using clinical data, regulatory, and safety data and health claims, along with unstructured textual data. “This allows us to provide customers with what we call ‘health analytics accelerators’ that allow them to preview solutions, and visualize how disparate datasets can be rapidly integrated,” she says. “Customers get a ‘jump start’ with us, and use the time and money saved to more rapidly mature beyond diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics.”

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