Salient CRGT Expands Voyager Suite Solutions to Include Voyager Atlas and Voyager eDOC

Brad Antle, CEO, Salient CRGT

In today’s mobile world, proximity and context are important to help control the situation. Providing accurate data to support situational awareness plays a central role in public safety and first responder management. The ability to access real-time location data for all public safety personnel helps them improve their situational awareness, make better deployment decisions and significantly improve responsiveness. Salient CRGT has expanded its Voyager product suite to include Voyager Atlas and Voyager eDOC to make it easier for law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations and the Department of Corrections to locate and manage all users and assets with real-time location sharing services on their mobile devices.

“Data sharing in law enforcement and Department of Corrections is a powerful tool used to not only protect the lives of law enforcement personnel, but also enhance public safety and neutralize criminal activity,” said Larry Rose, senior vice president of commercial services, at Salient CRGT. “Salient CRGT’s new offering will help increase situational awareness and enhance responsiveness by sharing critical information in the hands of the responders.”

Voyager Atlas places situational awareness of an organization’s mission directly into the hands of the mobile workforce. With a 360 degree view of all activity on an edge-to-edge map display, users have everyone’s shared location and data necessary to make critical decisions quickly and effectively. Whether monitoring notifications triggered by geofenced events, navigating, or tagging actions of other system assets, users and management will experience more cost-efficient operations.

For DOC personnel requiring real-time in building location services along with automated inmate interactions using barcodes and RFID, Voyager eDOC is a major breakthrough technology solution for these complex campus environments. Built using the same backbone as Voyager Atlas, eDOC has taken situational awareness to a new level in a complex, interior environment.

“Innovative advances in technology can greatly improve first responders’ effectiveness and safety as they rush to provide critical services in often dangerous scenarios,” said Salient CRGT CEO Brad Antle. “Advancing our technologies supporting first responders, including law enforcement, corrections, and fire/medical personnel are examples of our commitment to work with agencies to help them improve total situational awareness and allow for seamless integration across agencies/departments. We enhance first responders’ ability to protect our civilians at all times and to work together more effectively during a crisis.”

Rose shared his views connecting first responders to the right data and overcoming confusion with technology in police and first responder situations with ClearanceJobs.

To learn more about the Voyager product suite, contact larry.rose@salientcrgt.

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