CVP Partners With GWU For Speaker Series On Change and Innovation

David Bray

Customer Value Partners has teamed with The George Washington University for a new, speaker series on change, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, featuring former Federal Communication Commission Chief Information Officer David Bray, the current Executive Director for the People-Centered Internet coalition, as the debut speaker.

Bray’s talk will kick off the the CVP Speaker Series at GW on April 25 at GW’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Bray, who has held several different government roles, is an expert on leadership in turbulent environments, CVP said.

GW’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship makes it an ideal partner for the series, said CVP CEO and founder Anirudh Kulkarni, who got both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from GW.

“As CVP enters its 15th year in business, we continue to witness first-hand an accelerated rate of change in the markets we serve and in society in general,” Kulkarni said. “The speaker series is an opportunity to shape and elevate the discourse around topics that today’s enterprises must master as they embark on their own continuous change journey.”

David Dolling, dean of GWU’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, said the speaker series will be a thought-provoking way to prepare students for the increased role innovation and disruption will play in their careers.

Bray’s keynote is titled “Needed Now More Than Ever: Positive #ChangeAgents Across Sectors.” In his government career, Bray led the technology response for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program to 9/11, anthrax in 2001, SARS and monkeypox in 2003 and other outbreaks.

Bray was also a senior strategic adviser in Afghanistan in 2009 helping to “think differently” on military and humanitarian efforts in the region, executive director for the National Commission for the Review of the Research and Development Programs of the U.S. intelligence community, and FCC chief information officer from 2013-2017.

During his tenure with FCC, Bay led a team to receive the Global CIO 100 award in 2015 and 2017, which is usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies. He is currently executive director of People-Centered Internet coalition, a visiting executive-in-residence at Harvard, Oxford and Singularity universities, as well as chief strategy officer of MapLarge.


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