LGS Partners With Persistent Systems on Mobile Network Offerings

Kevin Kelly, LGS Innovations

Kevin Kelly, LGS Innovations

LGS Innovations has teamed with Persistent Systems to boost its tactical wireless offerings, starting a long-term partnership in which LGS will integrate Persistent’s mobile network and smart radio technology into its portfolio of C4ISR, electronic warfare and cyber solutions.

Persistent’s Wave Relay mobile ad-hoc network, or MANET, technology uses customers’ devices to create a mobile, secure and reliable peer-to-peer network for communications and data transmissions. Leveraging that technology will help LGS to boost offensive and defensive capabilities “to the last tactical mile,” the company said.  The mobile networks are designed to work in environments where connectivity is otherwise limited, including in the air and underground, according to LGS.

The partnership means LGS will be able to offer best-in-class commercial solutions to its governments, said LGS Innovations CEO Kevin Kelly.

“We … ensure that communications do not create a bottleneck that hinders capacity, and are excited to be working closely with Persistent to continue evolving the capabilities of our communications portfolio,” Kelly said.

LGS and Persistent have previously partnered on several programs, projects and U.S. government-focused events, including as U.S. Army CyberQuest and USSOCOM Trident Spectre.

The integration of Persistent’s mobile networks will allow LGS to reduce electronic warfare operational cycles, while increasing performance and effectiveness, said Adrien Robenhymer, Persistent’s vice president of business development.

“Reducing timeframes for tactical EW operations increases effectiveness and reduces US force exposure, which is a win-win in dynamic situations,” Robenhymer said.

The partnership will allow manned and unmanned systems to work with more precision in hard-to-reach places than ever before, Robenhymer added.


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