ESP Wins ConEdison Contract For Hardened Backup Control Centers

Douglas Fouser, ESP

Douglas Fouser, ESP

Engineering Solutions & Products has been awarded a contract to build a hardened mobile control center for Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, aiming to help the utility company build a backup power center that can take over in the event of a disabling electromagnetic pulse attack.

The contract will provide Con Edison with a first-of-its-kind High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Hardened Mobile Control Center completely self-sufficient and self-contained, with its own power supply and climate control systems.

ESP’s contract includes the technical design, engineering, integration, testing, logistics, fielding/training, business management, administrative and operational program support, the company said.

The HMCC is designed to be a rapid recovery solution that can take over system operations in less than one day, and will help Con Edison minimize recovery times and improve the overall resiliency of its electricity infrastructure, ESP said.

“ESP is honored to support Consolidated Edison for this first of its kind project,” ESP President and CEO Douglas Fouser said. “We look forward to providing innovation and quality excellence for this project of national importance.”

The contract will require ESP to deliver three tractor trailer enclosures that can withstand a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse or a localized Intentional Electromagnetic Interference attack. These enclosures will contain all the systems needed for a Con Edison Control Center, including networking and communications equipment, and workstations for up to 16 operators.

ESP will also provide Con Edison with the ability to quickly connect to the Verizon and ConEd Corporate Communications Transmission Network communications infrastructures.


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