Shaun Bierweiler and Tim Cooke Talk Spending Data Transparency

In an interview with “Government Matters,” Shaun Bierweiler, vice president of U.S. public sector at Hortonworks, and Tim Cooke, president of ASI Government, discussed the government’s current approach to data collection and sharing and industry’s role.

During the General Services Administration’s confirmation hearings of Administrator Emily Murphy, she committed to technology modernization and data transparency. This data includes spend data, which Cooke said may be “really important” to unlocking the hidden value of data for the government. Cooke also said this data may be beneficial starting point for addressing the requirements of M-17-22.

Bierweiler then expanded on the importance of the exchange.

”Looking at the advancements that we’ve made in the technical sectors of open source communities collaboration and sharing, there’s tremendous value in that exchange of information,” he said.

While the platform of this data exchange has yet to be determined, Beirweiler predicts “determining what the results and requirements are, what the end objectives are, will ultimately prioritize what the interphase looks like.”

Enterprise open source technology has benefited Hortonworks clients by reducing barriers to entry, increasing innovation, overall improvement in security and quality. The primary way to benefit from the spend data information is to understand what the data is.

“Obviously, understanding where you’re trying to go before you get there, but recognizing that you don’t have to do it alone is a key first step,” Bierweiler said.

To watch the interview, click here.


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