Altamira Supports Largest All-Women Technica Hackathon

In support of the advancement of women in technology, Altamira Technologies recently sponsored the nation’s largest all-women hackathon, held in College Park, Maryland.

Technica’s Nov. 4-5 hackathon had over 1,000 students from elementary to college age, and participants accomplished various technical challenges over a 24-hour period. The event concluded with innovations receiving prizes for categories such as Best Cybersecurity Hack, Best Hack for Social Good and Best Financial Hack.

“The projects presented at this year’s hackathon demonstrate impressive forward thinking around implementation, with many participants designing new ideas for human-machine interface,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Altamira. “Technica directly aligns with Altamira’s core initiative to accelerate the development of women in technology careers, and we look forward to continuing our support in 2018.”

Altamira judged and presented the prize for the Best Hardware Hack to the MyGraphs project, a virtual reality teaching aid. MyGraph allows students to visualize 3D graph equations using virtual reality. MyGraph was originally developed to support the instruction of calculus, but the developer predicts the use of the technology can also be applied to aid in teaching chemistry and biology in the future.

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