Raytheon CEO Tom Kennedy Discusses Unseen Cyber Risks

Tom Kennedy, chairman and CEO of Raytheon

As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Tom Kennedy, CEO at Raytheon, published an article on LinkedIn discussing cybersecurity and the unseen risks.

Kennedy uses an iceberg metaphor to describe general approaches to cybersecurity, saying, “it’s not the size that will sink you. It’s the jagged edges lurking under the surface. You never see them coming.” Threats come in abundance each minute in the cyber world, and the most dangerous can be where we are not even looking.

In a world where just about every piece of technology is being connected to the internet to benefit consumers by making their lives more simple or convenient, bad actors are jumping on the numerous opportunities for attack. Such opportunities also require businesses to reflect and adapt their models for developing products, detecting threats and recovering from any damage.

This mindset needs to be diffused into every part of a company’s business.

Kennedy explains: “They [companies]also need to know how their supply chains are protecting themselves and whether they’re doing enough. The same goes for partner companies and acquisitions. A single weakness can put the whole network in danger.”

To read the full article, click here.


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