DMI Launches Mobile Command Center App For Emergency Responders

Sunny Bajaj, DMI Inc.

Digital Management Inc. has launched a new mobile-centric platform designed to improve the flow of critical information in emergency situations.

DMI said EndZone, its new cloud-based platform for mobile-centric situational awareness, allows for greater awareness than most solutions, which have focused on improving command centers’ ability to receive critical field information and relay directions and information back out to the field. EndZone’s mobile model instead allows first responders, law enforcement and security, and field operating teams to direct and take action from the field, using a mobile device.

“First response and field work is dependent on real-time situational awareness and clear, integrated communication,” said DMI founder and CEO Jay Sunny Bajaj. “EndZone delivers the best of both worlds in a user-friendly format to help those on the front lines stay safe and better perform their jobs, giving teams the eyes, ears, and real-time data they desperately need today to become more agile and secure on the ground.”

EndZone’s “smart notification” approach allows field teams to provide clearer picture of the location of their personnel, which can be critical in high-intensity situations, DMI said. The platform provides secure communications, real-time video streaming technology that can accommodate input from up to eight cameras, and improved data sharing and communication capabilities, according to the company.


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