CIA Looks Everywhere for Tech Innovation

In an interview with “Government Matters” at the Intelligence and National Security Summit, Dawn Meyerriecks, the CIA’s deputy director for science and technology, discussed why innovation is important to our future and where the agency is searching for such innovation.

With budget constraints, many federal agencies look inward for innovation in technology. The CIA, however, is looking everywhere. The best leverage venture into the CIA enterprise is In-Q-Tel, but there are other options: venture capitalists, Silicon Valley, startups, academia and others, Meyerriecks said.

“If you’re in tech and we’re not talking to you, it’s an accident,” she said.

The key to the CIA’s success is basic communication and connections. By establishing and fostering both, Meyerriecks seeks to create a culture wherein innovation can thrive to solve national security challenges.

“Innovation is not just important, but essential to our future,” Meyerriecks said.

To watch the entire interview, click here.


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