Volunteers Seek Funds for Kenya Children’s Home


Jason Souza, PAE

A group of volunteers from PAE is looking to raise $50,000 to finish rebuilding Mama Wachiras Children’s Home in Archer’s Post, an orphanage in the Samburu district of northern Kenya.

“By doing the work ourselves and with tremendous support from family, friends and our company, we have accomplished so much for the children,” said Jason Souza, a program director with PAE. “However, we still critically need additional funds in order to get this project to the finish line, which will dramatically improve the lives of these children.”

Souza initiated the work along with Chris Taylor. Both are military veterans with backgrounds in explosive ordnance disposal. They currently work with PAE to support the Kenya Defense Force. When they noticed barefoot children walking nearly 5 miles each way to and from school, they decided to take action.

Mama Wachiras is home to 30 children and now has one acre of land and a basic facility that includes a kitchen, storage room and large open hall. The building is surrounded by a security fence to keep out wildlife. Other provisions, such as maze, beans, meat, mosquito nets, mattresses and limited medical care are also in place.

Souza said the $50,000 goal for the fund will help pay for the first phase of a longer process that involves expanding the home to be able to support 64 children. There are plans for installing a new septic system, replacing old bunk beds, providing solar power, building chicken coops and goat pens, cleaning up the property and providing home school materials for children who cannot go to school.

For more information or to donate, visit www.gofundme.com/kenya-orphanage-sustainable-food.

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