BSTG Acquires Ingenicomm


Amit Puri, president and CEO, Ingenicomm, Inc.

Amit Puri, president and CEO, Ingenicomm, Inc.

Braxton Science and Technology Group LLC has acquired Ingenicomm LLC, a provider of ground system electronics and engineering services to the global satellite and spaceflight markets.

“Ingenicomm’s products have an unmatched operational pedigree with many of the most prominent space missions of the past three decades, including the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, New Horizons and a plethora of others,” said BSTG President and Chief Operating Officer Ken O’Neil. “By integrating Ingenicomm’s unique technologies with the industry-leading solutions offered by the BSTG family of companies, we will cement our position as a global leader in the ground system and mission operations sector.”

Ingenicomm, which is based in Chantilly, Virginia, will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Colorado-based BSTG when the acquisition is complete. The two companies together will offer products to address the full range of ground system and mission operation needs. This is BSTG’s fifth acquisition in the last four years.

Ingenicomm President Amit Puri said the move benefits both companies.

“Ingenicomm is a leader in the civil space and intelligence markets, while BSTG is a leader in the defense market,” Puri said. “By leveraging each company’s respective strengths, we can offer superior solutions across the entire global aerospace market.”

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