Bay Dynamics Names Former US CISO Gregory Touhill to Board of Directors

Gregory Touhill

Cyber risk analytics software provider Bay Dynamics has named former federal Chief Information Security Officer Gregory Touhill to its board of directors.

The first federal information security officer for the United States, Touhill has also held several senior level IT positions at more than a dozen private and public sector organizations. He is currently president of Cyxtera Technologies’ new Cyxtera Federal Group. He has also spent 30 years in the Air Force.

“Bay Dynamics and I share a vision of enabling public and private organizations to approach cyber security as a risk management problem,” Touhill said. “I am looking forward to adding my expertise to a company that is at the forefront of risk-based security.”

Co-founder and CEO Feris Rifai said cybersecurity can’t be approached “as an occasional project or a reaction to a breach.”

“It is now one of many risks enterprises and agencies must manage on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “Through his thought leadership and actions, it is clear Gen. Touhill shares this philosophy, which is why having him join our board is the meeting of kindred spirits.”

Bay Dynamics’ trademarked Risk Fabric analytics software is designed to continuously measure and manage cyber risk across all organizational levels.

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