25 Leaders in Government Contracting You Should Know About: Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO of Tenable

Amit Yoran

In a year of transformational change, government contractors are facing that question like never before. A few select leaders are even shaping the conversation.

For the second year in a row, WashingtonExec has assembled its list of executives who are blazing a path in uncertain times. Who are the trendsetters finding opportunities and maintaining their relevance in a crowded marketplace?

Before he joined Tenable in January 2017, Amit Yoran had been living and breathing security for years. In the international security firm, which holds offices in 20 countries, Yoran saw a natural next fit. “Not only because it’s one of the top security companies in the world,” says Yoran, “but because of our compelling vision for the future.” In keeping with that vision, Tenable helps customers answer two of the most important tech questions:  ‘What is my level of risk?’ and ‘What can I do about it?’

Why watch: Under Yoran’s watch, Tenable is poised to continue its momentum as one of the fastest-growing security companies in the world. Yoran plans to keep his attention squarely on one overriding priority. “Job No. 1 is empowering our customers to understand their exposure in the world of rapidly expanding technologies so they can control their risk,” says Yoran.

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