Cloud Services Provider IOMAXIS Unveils Cybersecurity Solution

Matthew Jankowski, IOMAXIS

IOMAXIS recently unveiled a cloud security practice to provide technology companies with cybersecurity solutions for protecting the data of consumers, businesses and government agencies. While cloud services continue to become more present in government agencies, IOMAXIS aims to demystify this developing capability.

With 9,298,489 U.S. Patents and 9,542,213 additional patents pending, IOMAXIS enables cloud- or platform-based technology companies to store their clients’ data securely, limiting or eliminating the costly and damaging effects of hacking and data piracy many commercial organizations and federal agencies face today.

“Our cloud security practice enables companies to protect their cloud-based solutions without compromising their product or mission, making it a winning solution for consumers, businesses and organizations alike,” said Brad Buhr, founder and managing partner of IOMAXIS.

Built on decades of experience and research identifying potential security vulnerabilities for a variety of commercial and federal customers, IOMAXIS aims to close security gaps in existing and future market offerings in the technology industry, including cybersecurity, software-as-a-service and the internet of things.

IOMAXIS offers a wide spectrum of engineering solutions in cyber, global communications, advanced networking, and computing technologies.

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