25 Leaders in Government Contracting You Should Know About: John Goodman, COO of Accenture Federal Services

John Goodman, Accenture Federal Services

John Goodman, Accenture Federal Services

In a year of transformational change, government contractors are facing that question like never before. A few select leaders are even shaping the conversation.

For the second year in a row, WashingtonExec has assembled its list of executives who are blazing a path in uncertain times. Who are the trendsetters finding opportunities and maintaining their relevance in a crowded marketplace?

John Goodman is leading the expansion of innovative and cost-effective delivery models to the federal government. This past year, Goodman helped expand Accenture Federal Services’ San Antonio Delivery Center to offer new capabilities to federal clients and create new local jobs. Goodman has also helped expand its ASM subsidiary’s commitment to serving defense and Veterans Affairs clients to serving as a national workforce that scales quickly to support missions across the federal government.

Why watch: Goodman oversaw four acquisitions (Endgame’s U.S. federal government services business, Defense Point Security, Agilex, ASM Research) that accelerated growth areas in cyber, digital, and federal health. As chair of the Professional Services Council Executive Committee, Goodman is championing a stronger partnership between government and industry.

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