Salient CRGT Expands Assure 6i Software Product Offerings

Brad Antle, Salient CRGT

Fairfax, Va.-based Salient CRGT Inc. announced Dec. 15 that the company is expanding its software product offerings of Appix Financial Services, Assure 6i™ Cyber Security Solutions and Voyager™ Mobility Solutions to add enhanced features, be more widely available and decentralized, and offer multi-platform accessibility.

“Expanding our technology provides our customers maximum deployment and flexibility and is consistent with our commitment to provide the capabilities that our customers need today,” Salient CRGT CEO Brad Antle said. “We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in the business community who face these rapidly changing demands every day.”

“Technology development and application shows no signs of slowing down, and in order to maximize effectiveness, businesses must keep up to remain competitive,” Salient CRGT’s Commercial Division leader Larry Rose said. “Salient CRGT continues to be on the cutting edge in developing sophisticated solutions that help keep businesses ahead of the technology curve while being mindful of IT budgets.”

By increasing the features of Appix Financial Services, Assure 6i™ Cyber Security Solutions and Voyager™ Mobility Solutions, organizations will be empowered with increased flexibility and options to meet their unique needs. Appix Mortgage will now support a wider range of hardware and software platforms for small shops as well as large enterprises, Assure 6i™ will become more widely accessible for operation on common Intel platforms, and Voyager will be available across all segments of public safety.

Salient CRGT created the Appix Financial Services Platform consisting of three products – Appix Mortgage, Appix Cash, and Appix Securities that provide increased operational efficiencies and advanced portfolio management for both the buy and sell sides of the market. With the rapid advance of technologies, Appix is expanding to allow for greater diversification with a more modern and intuitive user interface with additional database storage options.

Salient CRGT’s Assure6i™ provides protection from IPv6 related threats and ensures a safe transition to the IPv6 platform. It supports localized detection, incident response, and mitigation strategies that are tailored to solve the most pressing needs customers have now. Assure6i™ will allow customers to identify, monitor, inspect and block unknown or unexpected IPV6 traffic within their networks using cost-effective common Intel platform computing hardware.

The Voyager Mobility Suite is an app generating framework relevant to today’s demanding mobile environment and includes:

  • Voyager Mobility Query For Law Enforcement which provides the law enforcement community with fast, reliable access to the data they need to perform their jobs safely and efficiently
  • Voyager CommandTRACKER, which provides real-time information to increase situational awareness wherever mobile users are deployed. Voyager is expanding to include additional solutions that satisfy the unique requirements of all segments within the public safety community of mobile users.

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